Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inner Universe projections: Radion

 photo radion_zpsc76dee88.jpg

Commission ephemeral mural painted last August for Radion Amsterdam, Netherlands

Inspired in the concept of Radion: A scalar field in quantum field theory in spacetimes with additional dimensions

 photo 2014_08_Radion1_zps6f9d7a17.jpg

 photo 2014_08_Radion2_zpsc430301d.jpg

 photo 2014_08_Radion3_zps187070dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2420_zps07a620f5.jpg

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Saturday, October 4, 2014


 photo Iphonecase4_zpsac5519c8.jpg

I am glad to announce my collaboration with Artsider, doing some designs for smartphones, laptops and tablets cases, skins and postcards

Ready for sale now!

 photo Iphonecase2_zps39e29776.jpg

 photo laptop_zps4753ea3c.jpg

 photo tablet2_zps849e3cf2.jpg

 photo tablet3_zpsd8ae22a4.jpg

Saturday, September 27, 2014


 photo 2014_08_comet1_zpsad1dc96a.jpg

Quick mural painted in Java-Eiland in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Experiment mixing some abstract/geometric elements with my charecters

 photo 2014_08_comet5_zps0ce90f0d.jpg

 photo 2014_08_comet4_zps4d188f71.jpg

 photo 2014_08_comet_zpsf5453d92.jpg

 photo 2014_08_comet6_zps243a45da.jpg

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Friday, September 12, 2014


 photo 2014_08_natur-pattern_web_zps4da17ac1.jpg

Acrylic on canvas 40x40 cm
Text/study for an upcoming new abstract series

 photo 2014_08_natur-pattern1_zps35dd5e07.jpg

 photo 2014_08_natur-pattern2_zps0a907305.jpg

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kaleidoscopic projections family

 photo C-_Users_Usuario_Desktop_CANVAS_2014_08_kaleidoscopic-projection-family__zps26236f58.jpg

"Kaleidoscopic projections family"
Acrylic and collage on wood, 36x26 cm

For inquiries contact:

 photo 2014_08_kaleidoscopic-projection-family1_zps154a7868.jpg

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