skount streetart
Amsterdam, 2017

Last 3rd of June i was invited to take part of "Possessed Spirits", a group show at Antiek gallery in Amsterdam curated by Keep it Fresh projects.

For this exhibition I showcase some small and medium size paintings I have done on some of my last trips, exploring different mediums and techniques, and inspired on different ideas and concepts I were thinking when i was travelling.

Exhibition still running till 16 July, Antiek gallery, Rozengracht 184, Amsterdam.

KEEPITFRESH photo 2017_06_Possessed-spirits_B_zpsgfofazjl.jpg

Enquiries about purchasing, please contact: Keepitfreshprojects@gmail.com

skount streetart
"Inner blooming" Acylic on linen canvas, 60x70 cm. 2017

Skount photo 2017_05_D_zpszge8ouir.jpg
"Attraction" Acrylic on plywood, 28x35 cm. 2017

Skount photo 2017_04_Haptic_55x25_A_zpsh25yesiu.jpg
"Haptic" Acrylic on wood, 55x27 cm. 2017

Skount photo 2017_05_Astral-body_40x28_zpshla4rli8.jpg
"Astral body" Acrylic on wood, 40x28 cm. 2017

Skount photo 2017_05_The-carrier_40x26_zps79dhjg6k.jpg
"The carrier" Acrylic on wood, 40x26 cm. 2017

Skount photo 2016_11_Nature-explorer1_A_zps1l2gre32.jpg
"Natural explorer 1" Acrylic on plywood, 50x30 cm. 2016

skount painting art streetart
"Universal consciousness" Acrylic on linen canvas, 100x125 cm. 2017

skount painting art streetart